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. ashley: which candidate is better for your wallet, president obama or governor romney? coming up next bob dietrich of polaris financial tells us what his research reveals. the answer, well, it may surprise you. liz: were taxpayers duped by bank of america? the federal government filing suit to the tune of more than a billion dollars. liz macdonald is telling us what the serious allegations are. have a little queen to take us into the commercial break. ♪ >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. wall street closed lower for the second straight day of the federal reserve's latest policy decision did little to boost the markets as expected. the central bank is sticking with its bond buying program called qe3 unveiled last month. another round of underwhelming corporate results also pulled markets down. >>> cheesecake factory released its third quarter results after the closing bell. earnings per share for the restaurant chain in line with estimates at 49 cents. revenue fell short of expectations at $453.8 million. >>> yahoo! started to notify roughly 200 employees they will lose th
. rich edson live in boca raton with more. >> check it out, this is the obama campaign headquarters right they are already spinning reporters on the side of the group. the romney folks all the way out over there. already we have reporters working on stories, aides talking to folks, you will get plenty of folks from both campaigns. blue signs for obama, red signs for romney. they will be here to tell you why their candidate won and the other guy lost. this is a 90 minute foreign policy debate split up into six different segments 15 minutes each, a question off the top, each candidate gets two minutes to answer the conversation in which bob schieffer will attempt to get a conversation going. you have seen how the moderators have done in the first couple of debates. governor romney has to show he has command of foreign policy and bringing this back to the economy talking about how the u.s. economy projects on the world stage and also european debt crisis, how that can transpire here in the united states and warnings in china. president obama stopping the bleeding after the first debate has t
and president obama trying to lock down the white house? well, going after the undecided voter of course. peter barnes in washington. he has more on their efforts. peter? >> hey, liz and david. president obama stock around florida, a key swing state for a post-debate rally this morning where he slammed mitt romney on foreign policy. >> last night he was all over the map. >> so that sound bite was to set this up. we're doing fact-checking here the both candidates are all over the map this week. headed to key swing states, they feel are crucial to whipping on november 6th. obama in florida, ohio, and iowa today. then on to colorado and nevada. though he will pop into l.a. tomorrow to tape "the tonight show" with jay leno. then the president is headed back to florida and ohio thursday as well as again i can't. mitt romney is hitting nevada twice, plus ohio, colorado, and iowa. he must be feeling pretty good about florida. he did not stay there this morning. the "real clear politics" average of battle grand state polls shows up up by 1.8% in florida but the averages have the president up in ohio, i
year in the united states. there are less plants than there were before and president obama said he didn't want any more bills. if we have a change in presidency we will keep our low-cost energy moving forward and use of american coal which is red, white and blue. dave: natural gas, a lot of company switching to natural gas, elector companies. there are new epa ruling about getting natural-gas. how is that affecting your business? >> it titans the market. prices rise as you restrict license to operate. the more burden you put on any product the more it costs the consumer is. the epa's reaction to that will lag a little bit, but it is a game change that we are finding all this natural gas and is good for america as well. dave: great to see you. thank you for coming in. liz: the big question is is apple going to do it again? under promise and over the liver, hit it out of the park with help from the i phone 5. we expect earnings any moment from apple. we will bring those numbers as soon as they are released. look at the ipad mini and whether it will be as big a hit as its of the recen
irresponsibility and deficit spending. it didn't start with president obama but started well before him. all we have now are politicians promising bigger and bigger doses of novocaine, not doing the tough dental work. david: does it matter to you in terms of your gameplan, your business plan, who wins the election? that is will you have the same business plan no matter who wins? >> well as i think i've indicated before i always felt a little conflicted about criticizing this president. i like the fellow and such. and, it won't matter, depending on who wins it is not going to matter to me who wins. but, i think that we're coming up in january, some real decision points. and based on, it is not just the president, it is congress. based on decisions they make we'll be making decision about how aggressive to be or whether it is time to batten down the hatches and just be risk-averse. so we will be watching the decisions made in d.c. in the next couple months. that will affect our business strategy. david: patrick byrne, continued success, patrick, we really appreciate you coming on and we're happy
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5